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Exercise Videos

Hear co-owner Kathleen Donahoe's best tips for exercise and weight loss for new moms.

Co-owner Kathleen Donahoe demonstrates the best & safest way to carry a baby's car seat.

Watch to learn the first step in recovering your abdominals after pregnancy.

Diagnosed with abdominal separation? Use this technique to draw muscles back together.

These abdominal exercises are perfect for building core strength during pregnancy.

Wall sits are a great exercise for building back and glute strength during pregnancy.

Discover the best back and pelvic exercises for pregnant mothers using exercise balls.

These prenatal stability ball workouts improve core strength in pregnant mothers.

These pregnancy exercise videos walk you through squats while using a stability ball.

Oh Baby! Fitness co-owner Kathleen Donahoe leads you through outer & inner thigh raises.

Learn how to do a modified pregnancy push-up, including safe pregnancy push-up form.

Modified plank for pregnancy is an excellent exercise to strengthen the chest.

Gain guidance on proper form for lunges while pregnant from Oh Baby! Fitness.

Watch this video to see what the correct engagement of the abdominals looks like.

Oh Baby! Fitness co-owner Kathleen Donahoe talks through ideal pregnancy posture.

Learn how to perform belly breathing for labor and coordinated pushing.

Pregnancy yoga can relieve back pain during pregnancy for both yoga beginners & experts.

Try these arm and leg raises while pregnant to improve abdominal strength.

Learn how to check yourself for this condition, both before and after pregnancy.

See three safe, effective exercises you can do right after your baby is born.