For Dads & Partners

continuing education credits for partners of pregnant mothers

Help Your Partner Have a Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

Oh Baby! Fitness helps dads and partners understand pregnancy and childbirth.

Our online training for pregnant people and their partners will give you the confidence to talk knowledgeably about:

  • Safe pre/postnatal abdominal exercises
  • Rehab of abdominal separation
  • Pelvic floor health
  • Pushing technique for labor & delivery
  • Modifications to regular exercise for new & expectant clients

Our training is the easiest way to support a healthy and safe pregnancy for your family!

Learn from the Best

Learn from the best in the business about how your partner can exercise safely to have a healthy pregnancy, an easier delivery and a faster recovery.

Download the Oh Baby! Fitness Exercise Apps and their award winning How To Push Out Your Baby app today to help your partner in their pregnancy journey.

dad and partner pregnancy and postpartum training courses