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For Dads & Partners


Help Your Partner Have a Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

Oh Baby! Fitness helps dads and partners understand pregnancy and childbirth.

Our online training for pregnant people and their partners will give you the confidence to talk knowledgeably about:

  • Safe pre/postnatal abdominal exercises
  • Rehab of abdominal separation
  • Pelvic floor health
  • Pushing technique for labor & delivery
  • Modifications to regular exercise for new & expectant clients

Our training is the easiest way to support a healthy and safe pregnancy for your family!

Learn from the Best

Learn from the best in the business about how your partner can exercise safely to have a healthy pregnancy, an easier delivery and a faster recovery.

Download the Oh Baby! Fitness Exercise Apps and their award winning How To Push Out Your Baby app today to help your partner in their pregnancy journey.