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Medical & Birth Professionals Perinatal Fitness Workshop

About This Course

This 90-minute workshop covers the importance of exercise for pregnant and new moms.

The Perinatal Workshop teaches specific exercises you can share with patients or clients in a clinical setting to help transform the prenatal and postpartum phases of their pregnancy. You’ll also learn our Coordinated Pushing technique: an exercise-based approach to efficient pushing during delivery.

CEUs are available for ACNM and Frontier Nursing University students.

Who It’s For

Exam to certify completion at the end. Great option for OB/GYNs, midwives, nursing CEUs, online continuing education for nurses and CEUs for nurse practitioners.

Key Concepts

  • ACOG’s newest guidelines on perinatal fitness
  • Recommended exercises for pre/postnatal clients
  • How soon moms can and should return to exercise
  • How to teach labor pushing practice

Course Materials

  • 90-minute in-depth Instruction Video
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Price: $50
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Course Reviews


(ACE Certified Professional)
This online course is particularly good. The sections are clear and understandable with links and videos that keep it interactive and bring the info to life. It’s really well organized and easy to break into sections for whenever I needed to stop and start. The content is totally relevant to what we, as instructors/ trainers, need to know about working with prenatal clients/ new moms.


(ACE Certified Professional)
Great information and very easy to digest. Moves at a reasonable speed. Great test at the end.


I’m a nurse and currently pregnant and your program is truly inspiring! I love how your certification program is challenging, practical and based on best practice, so rare to find a program like yours! Thank you again for creating a wonderful program! It truly will change my own practice and what I promote to the community.


This course was extremely helpful to understand how to properly train and support pregnancy and postpartum clients. I feel better equipped to support my clients in a variety of exercise modalities and better meet their needs.

Course FAQs

How is the Perinatal Fitness Workshop offered?

This course is offered online via a training video. Learn from Lead Trainer and Oh Baby! Fitness Co-Owner Kathleen Donahoe as she walks you through exercises you can share with your pregnant and postpartum patients in a clinical setting, our technique for coordinated pushing during delivery, and demonstrations of safe abdominal exercises and pelvic floor rehab cues.

Are there any prerequisites before taking the Perinatal Fitness Workshop?

No other courses are required in advance, but the Oh Baby! Fitness Pre/Postnatal Exercise Instructor Training is strongly recommended to give you a full understanding of the role exercise plays in a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.

Is there an exam for the Perinatal Fitness Workshop?

Yes! There is a short quiz required to certify completion of this training.

How long will it take me to complete the Perinatal Fitness Workshop?

The training video that comprises this training is approximately 90 minutes.

Who is the Online Perinatal Fitness Workshop designed for?

This course is recommended for medical and birth professionals interested in learning what safe exercise looks like for pregnant and postpartum people. If you’re looking for recommended exercises you can share in a clinical setting and for best cues during the pushing stage of labor, this course is for you!

Can I receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this Workshop?

CEUs are available for American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) and Frontier Nursing University students. Contact your professional organization to see if continuing education credits are awarded.