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Mom & Baby Yoga Class Instructor Training Course

About This Course

Learn how to teach a Mom & Baby Yoga Class!

Yoga stretching, breathing, relaxation and stress relief with baby is fun for everyone!

In the Oh Baby! Fitness’ Mom & Baby Yoga Instructor Training Course, you’ll learn recommended class flows to guide new moms and their babies through a safe and fun yoga class.

Who It’s For

This course is designed for fitness instructors and birth and medical professionals looking to learn safe postures and stretches for the postpartum period.

Key Concepts

  • The best yoga poses for after birth
  • How to involve baby in yoga poses
  • Modifications for different birth recoveries
  • General tips for leading mom and baby exercise classes

Course Materials

Along with video instruction, you’ll receive:

  • Downloadable Instructor Training Guide PDF
  • Mom & Baby Yoga Class “Cheat Sheet” for Trainers
  • Individual Exercise Breakdowns
  • Current ACOG Recommendations for Perinatal Fitness
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Price: $99
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Course Reviews

Suzanne, ACE Certified Professional

This online course is particularly good. The sections are clear and understandable with links and videos that keep it interactive and bring the info to life. It’s really well organized and easy to break into sections for whenever I needed to stop and start. The content is totally relevant to what we, as instructors/ trainers, need to know about working with prenatal clients/ new moms.

Amber, ACE Certified Professional

Great information and very easy to digest. Moves at a reasonable speed. Great test at the end.


I’m a nurse and currently pregnant and your program is truly inspiring! I love how your certification program is challenging, practical and based on best practice, so rare to find a program like yours! Thank you again for creating a wonderful program! It truly will change my own practice and what I promote to the community.


I LOVED this course. It was wonderfully put together and I have joked with some of my friends that I learned more about pregnancy during this course than I did while I was actually pregnant.


This course was extremely helpful to understand how to properly train and support pregnancy and postpartum clients. I feel better equipped to support my clients in a variety of exercise modalities and better meet their needs.

Brittany, ACE Certified Professional

This was a fantastic course! So informative, with useful tips and guidelines. The example exercises and demonstrations were great. I also appreciate that the course was not too technical. It was easy for anyone to watch and understand. I also loved the trainer's passion for the subject.


Really great course! Explains everything that a woman goes through during pregnancy. Informative and practical.


The material was well written and easy to follow along with. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second and I felt like the material presented fit well into what I experienced in my first pregnancy and in my current pregnancy now. I also have to mention that the videos from the Oh Baby Fitness instructor were very informational and brought the reading material to life.

Course FAQs

Who is the Mom & Baby Yoga Class Instructor Training Course for?

This course is for fitness instructors looking to expand their course offerings, and for medical and birth professionals to learn and see best Postpartum Yoga exercises, cues and modifications.

How is the Mom & Baby Yoga Class Instructor Training Course offered?

This course is offered online via a teaching video of a live class in action. The instructor will talk you through various exercises, modifications and cueing. You will be able to see how a class unfolds and hear what the instructor is thinking about when guiding new moms and their babies through the exercises.

Are there any prerequisites before taking the Mom & Baby Yoga Instructor Course?

No other courses are required in advance, but the Oh Baby! Fitness Pre/Postnatal Exercise Instructor Training is strongly recommended to give you a full understanding of the role exercise plays in a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.

Is there an exam for the Mom & Baby Yoga Class Instructor Training?

There is no quiz required for completion of this training.

How long will it take me to complete this course?

The teaching video that comprises this training is approximately 60 minutes. You may choose to watch it repeatedly until you feel confident enough to teach the exercises yourself.