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Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training Certification

About This Course

Learn from the best in the business about how you or your clients can exercise during pregnancy to prepare for birth, get strong, and heal quickly after having a baby.

The Oh Baby! Fitness Pre & Postnatal Fitness certification will walk you through every step of moving safely and confidently through pregnancy and birth. Our self-guided online training manual is complete with photos, illustrations, video demonstrations, and you’ll immediately gain access to:

  • the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s latest recommendations and guidelines
  • safe abdominal and pelvic floor exercise for pregnancy
  • the facts about pregnancy weight gain
  • healing abdominal separation after birth
  • best exercises you or your clients can do with baby

Purchase price includes an online exam.

You Will Learn:

  • How to assess each client’s needs based on pregnancy trimester and/or fitness level and which safe and effective exercises to recommend for each trimester of pregnancy and for 6 months after birth.
  • Which abdominal and pelvic floor exercises are recommended for new and expecting moms, and which to avoid.
  • How exercise helps alleviate most common pregnancy and postpartum complaints and makes stronger moms and promotes safer, more efficient births.
  • The science behind how pregnancy affects women’s bodies, and how those changes relate to exercise programs and physical activity.
  • A variety of exercise modalities and modifications designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women.
  • How and when moms can return to exercise after birth, and why it might be sooner than you think.
  • The new ACOG Pregnancy and Postpartum exercise recommendations, and why you need to know them to safely train moms and limit your liability.

You Will Receive:

  • A listing in the Oh Baby! Fitness worldwide instructor directory for pre/postnatal exercise specialists. Listing includes name, city, state, country and email contact (email address is hidden). For an additional charge you can have a full profile page listing your photo, website and additional info about the services you offer.
  • A logo and web signature stating you are a certified Oh Baby! Fitness® Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist.
  • Opportunity to purchase detailed teaching videos for leading a variety of pregnancy and mom & baby exercise class types.
Current Status: Not Enrolled
Price: $185

Eligible Continuing Education Credits

Course Reviews


(ACE Certified Professional)
This online course is particularly good. The sections are clear and understandable with links and videos that keep it interactive and bring the info to life. It’s really well organized and easy to break into sections for whenever I needed to stop and start. The content is totally relevant to what we, as instructors/ trainers, need to know about working with prenatal clients/ new moms.


(ACE Certified Professional)
Great information and very easy to digest. Moves at a reasonable speed. Great test at the end.


I’m a nurse and currently pregnant and your program is truly inspiring! I love how your certification program is challenging, practical and based on best practice, so rare to find a program like yours! Thank you again for creating a wonderful program! It truly will change my own practice and what I promote to the community.


LOVED this course. It was wonderfully put together and I have joked with some of my friends that I learned more about pregnancy during this course than I did while I was actually pregnant.


This course was extremely helpful to understand how to properly train and support pregnancy and postpartum clients. I feel better equipped to support my clients in a variety of exercise modalities and better meet their needs.


(ACE Certified Professional)
This was a fantastic course! So informative, with useful tips and guidelines. The example exercises and demonstrations were great. I also appreciate that the course was not too technical. It was easy for anyone to watch and understand. I also loved the trainer's passion for the subject.


Really great course! Explains everything that a woman goes through during pregnancy. Informative and practical.


The material was well written and easy to follow along with. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second and I felt like the material presented fit well into what I experienced in my first pregnancy and in my current pregnancy now. I also have to mention that the videos from the Oh Baby Fitness instructor were very informational and brought the reading material to life.

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training Course Details

Course FAQs

How is this course offered?

This course is offered online. Once purchased, you will have access to the complete Online Training Guide and associated videos. The online training includes photos, illustrations and demo videos and the latest science on perinatal exercise and its positive effects on the body. The training covers the entire pregnancy and postpartum stages.

You will learn about:

  • the physiological changes and psychological changes women encounter in each trimester of pregnancy and then the same changes experienced up to 6 months after birth of baby
  • the safest and most recommended exercises for each stage of the perinatal period and which to avoid.
  • how to explain to your clients – in a conversational way, with easy to understand explanations and examples of why they’re experiencing different physiological changes as their pregnancy progresses and how exercise can relieve most common complaints of pregnancy and the postpartum period (like aches, pains, bloating, sleep issues and constipation.)

Do I need to take any courses before taking this course?

No other courses are required in advance, but if you plan to teach fitness classes to the new and expectant Moms, we do recommend a basic training with a nationally recognized fitness organization in group fitness, personal training, yoga, water aerobics or Pilates.

Is there an exam?

There is a timed, 50 question multiple choice exam. You can take it at any time you wish once you’ve read through the entire training. You must pass the exam with at least 80%. If you do not pass, there is a retake fee of $35.

How long will it take me to complete this course?

That is dependent on your time to study and progress through the materials. It’s about 16 hours of material, but we have had people who have completed the material and test in a day. It’s on your time schedule. Once you purchase the training, you’ll have access to it forever!

Who is this Certification Course for?

This course is for fitness instructors and personal trainers looking to expand their knowledge and offerings, and for medical and birth professionals to learn and see best perinatal exercises, cues and modifications they can recommend to their patients. It’s also great for new and expectant moms who want to learn more about safe exercise!

Are there continuing education credits available for this course?

Oh Baby! Fitness is an approved Continuing Education Provider for:

  • the American Council on Exercise. [1.0 CECs]
  • the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America [8 CECs]
  • the National Academy of Sports Medicine [0.8 CECs]
  • International Sports Science Association [8 CEUs]
  • DONA International [8.5 CECs].

CEUs are also available for ACSM, ACNM and Frontier Nursing University. Check with your organization to see if they’ll provide CECs for the Oh Baby! Fitness training.

Once I complete this course, what will I be able to do?

Once you pass the exam, you will be a certified Oh Baby! Fitness® Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist and will receive a logo and email signature you can use in your email and on your website.

You will also have the opportunity to be listed in the Oh Baby! Fitness worldwide instructor directory for pre/postnatal exercise specialists. Listing includes name, city, state, country and email contact (email address is hidden). For an additional charge you can have a premium directory listing your photo, website and additional info about the services you offer. With the Oh Baby! Fitness training, you will be confident in leading and programming a prenatal or mom & baby exercise class or private workout session.

If you feel you need additional training and specific routine suggestions, you can purchase detailed teaching videos for leading a variety of pregnancy and mom & baby exercise class types. We offer pregnancy and mom & baby exercise classes for Pilates, Yoga, Toning & Fitness, Water Aerobics, and Stroller Workout. Many instructors will purchase the mom & baby teaching videos just to see how we incorporate babies into the different workouts!

Do you ever have live trainings or workshops?

Oh Baby! Fitness is always happy to schedule an in-person training for your studio, hospital staff, gym instructors or doctor’s office. If you feel like your city or facility would benefit from more knowledge on safe perinatal exercise, book us today by contacting or look here to see our upcoming live trainings and workshops.