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Learn How to Teach Pregnancy Fitness Classes with our Instructor Training Videos

Learn from the best in the business about how your clients can exercise safely to have a healthy pregnancy, an easier delivery and a faster recovery.

Fitness Instructor Training Videos to Teach Postpartum Mom & Baby Exercise Classes

Our Postpartum Exercise Class Instructor Training videos give you everything you need to teach postpartum exercise classes! Choose from Mom and Baby Pilates, Yoga, Water Aerobics, Toning and Stroller Workout videos. See how to cue modifications to exercises and talk Moms through the changes they’re experiencing in their bodies.

Each Postpartum Exercise Class Instructor Training Video comes with class plans so you can see up close how to train postpartum moms in safe exercise. Buy as many as you’d like to build your own exercise program for new moms (and their babies) in your community, hospital or gym.

Mom and Baby Exercise Instructor Training Video

Take the Pre & Postnatal Fitness Certification Course

Want to dive deeper and learn more about best exercise recommendations during pregnancy and after? Take our online training and become a Certified Oh Baby! Fitness Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist!