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Resources for Fitness & Medical Professionals

Continuing Education

Learn how to exercise safely during pregnancy and after with our fun, simple, and safe resources for moms.

Teach New Exercise Classes

We offer online video training courses for Instructors looking to teach perinatal fitness classes.

Join the Instructor Directory

Find valuable parenting resources, including links to helpful websites and lots of other tips for you & your baby!

Take the Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training Certification

Want to dive deeper and learn more about best exercise recommendations during pregnancy and after? Take our online training and become a Certified Oh Baby! Fitness Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist!

Professional Resources FAQs

I work at a hospital that delivers a lot of babies. Can I get Oh Baby! Fitness classes at my facility?

Yes! Go to our Live Trainings and Consulting page to schedule a consultation and request a live training at your facility.

Our trainings can be offered in person or live online. Oh Baby! Fitness will tailor a live training for your staff in any location, ie. hospital wellness center, gym, fitness studio or classroom (we offer midwifery student hands-on trainings, labor & delivery staff practical trainings and childbirth educator trainings).

Oh Baby! Fitness live trainings are designed specifically for the facility making the request. We will ensure your staff is trained in safe pre/postnatal exercise. If your staff is medical, birth or fitness professionals, we will consult with you to provide the training that will allow you to serve your pregnant and postpartum population best. We will share best practices for increasing attendance and membership of this important population and ensuring that you are empowering clients with all the information they need to incorporate exercise into their daily life to help them have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience.

I’d like to get trained to teach pregnancy exercise classes. Where do I start?

Go to our Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Training page to learn more. You’re not required to have a previous fitness certification to take our training. Sometimes people take our pre/postnatal certification first to make sure specializing in pregnancy and postpartum exercise is something they want to do. We do encourage anyone planning to teach fitness classes to new and expectant Moms to get a basic training with a nationally recognized fitness organization in group fitness, personal training, yoga, water aerobics or Pilates.

I’m already trained to teach water aerobics, can I just buy the teaching video for pregnancy water aerobics and Mom & Baby water aerobics?

Yes you can! Please go to our Prenatal Workout Teaching Videos page or our Postpartum Workout Teaching Videos page to learn more. We do believe you’ll gain a lot of useful information to add to your confidence in teaching if you choose to take our Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Training.

I’m a doula and would like to take the medical professionals' perinatal workshop, but I also may want to teach classes. Where should I start?

Go to the Birth Professionals page to learn more. Take the Medical Professionals Perinatal Fitness Workshop first and then if you like what you see, take the full training and become an Oh Baby! Fitness Certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist.

I am the manager of a fitness center and I’m interested in offering some pre/postnatal fitness classes. Can I get a discount to train several instructors?

Yes, go to our Live Trainings and Consultation page to get in touch. We can tailor a live workshop to meet the needs of your staff and facility.

I am a midwife who has a large practice. I’d like to train all my staff in safe pre/postnatal exercise recommendations. What’s the best plan?

You could have a live training in your city and coordinate with a nearby gym or wellness center to ensure classes will be available for your clients. Or you could have a group discount on the medical professionals online workshop. Call Oh Baby! Fitness to discuss at 888-264-1782.

I have taken the Oh Baby! Fitness training in the past and would like to be added to the instructor directory. How do I do that?

Go to our instructor directory page and click on join our worldwide instructor directory. You’ll need to fill out the information form and if you have received your certificate through another fitness organization (like American Council on Exercise) you will need to include a copy of your certificate to be added to the directory.

I am a personal trainer and I would like to take your fitness training and become an Oh Baby! Fitness Certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist. What do I need to do?

Go to the Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Training/Certification page and purchase our training today. You’ll gain the confidence to teach pre/postnatal exercise to your clients quickly and easily.

How helpful are the teaching videos? What do you get with them?

Our teaching videos give you everything you need to teach pregnancy and postpartum exercise classes! Choose from Pilates, Yoga, Water Aerobics, Toning and Stroller Workout videos. See how to cue modifications to exercises and talk Moms through the changes they’re experiencing in their bodies. Each Teaching Video comes with a video and class plans so you can see up close how to train new and expectant moms in safe exercise. Buy as many as you’d like to build your own exercise program for pregnant people and moms in your community, hospital or gym. So many instructors purchase our teaching videos to learn how to incorporate babies into the workout easily. Go to our Prenatal Workout Teaching Videos page or our Postpartum Workout Teaching Videos page to learn more.