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Our Certification Course Teaches Medical Providers the Benefits of Pre & Postnatal Exercise

OB/GYNs, Nurse Practitioners, Labor & Delivery Nurses and Physical Therapists don’t learn enough about safe exercise and its benefits for pregnant and postpartum women. Our training courses are specially designed to give medical professionals the information you need to help your patients have a healthy pregnancy, faster birth, and quicker recovery.

When you enroll in one of our certification courses for Perinatal Fitness, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make informed recommendations to new and expectant moms on how to exercise safely — all while earning the continuing education credits you need.

Advance Your Perinatal Fitness Expertise While Earning CEUs

Our Pre/Postnatal Fitness certification courses are eligible to earn continuing education credits (CEUs) for OBGYNs, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and other Medical Providers through ACNM and other nationally recognized organizations.

Medical Providers who complete our Pre/Postnatal Fitness Certification course can earn the following continuing education credits:

  • American Council on Exercise — (1.0 CECs)
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America — (8 CEUs)
  • American Council on Exercise — (1.0 CECs)
  • International Sports Sciences Association — (8 CEUs)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine — (0.8 CECs)
  • Doulas of North America International — (8.5 CEUs)

Our pre/postnatal exercise training certifications can also be submitted to many other professional organizations requiring continuing education credits.

Chiropractor CEU Courses

Our Continuing Education Courses For Medical Providers

Prenatal Postnatal Fitness Training Certification for Continuing Education

Oh Baby! Fitness Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training Certification

Our Pre & Postnatal Fitness Certification trains Medical Professionals on the latest guidelines for perinatal fitness and includes helpful photos, illustrations and videos.


Perinatal Fitness Workshop for Continuing Education Credits for Medical Providers

Perinatal Fitness Online Workshop for Medical Professionals

In our 90-minute online workshop for Birth Professionals you’ll learn safe perinatal abdominal exercises, pelvic floor health, pushing technique for labor and more.