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Free Postpartum Mom & Baby Workout Videos

Our Mom And Baby Exercise Videos

Oh Baby! Fitness has lined up the best postpartum workout videos for you – and your baby can be incorporated into the exercise! Our short videos will help target specific areas and help you strengthen and tone your post-baby body safely and effectively. If you want more exercises that are specific to every week after the birth of your baby–up to 6-months postpartum, see our Mom & Baby Weekly Workout app on the App Store.

New Mom Exercise For Postpartum Weight Loss

Hear co-owner Kathleen Donahoe’s best tips for exercise and weight loss for new moms.

Proper Way To Carry A Car Seat

Co-owner Kathleen Donahoe demonstrates the best & safest way to carry a baby’s car seat.

Hollowing – Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Exercise

Watch to learn the first step in recovering your abdominals after pregnancy.

“Splinting” – Repair Abdominal Separation

Diagnosed with abdominal separation? Use this technique to draw muscles back together.

Abdominal Separation: How To Perform A Self-Check

Learn how to check yourself for this condition, both before and after pregnancy.

3 Exercises You Can Do Right After You Have Your Baby

See three safe, effective exercises you can do right after your baby is born.