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Exercise Experts

World leaders in teaching moms, fitness trainers, docs & midwives safe exercise for a strong pregnancy, easy birth & quick recovery.

Our Certification Courses

Trainings For

Fitness Training Professionals

Get certified to teach pregnancy workouts and postpartum exercise and earn CEUs/CECs.

New & Expecting Moms

Download exercise apps, check out free workout videos and learn exercises to prep for birth.

Gyms & Hospital Systems

Offer pregnancy workouts, get new clients and connect with families in your community.

Medical & Birth Professionals

Learn how exercise creates healthier pregnancies, safer births and quicker recoveries for moms.

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Training Certification

We teach moms, doulas, midwives, nurses, OB/GYNs, fitness instructors, and personal trainers about the cutting edge science, the latest guidelines, and the best exercises for new and expectant moms.

Having worked with thousands of moms, Oh Baby! Fitness knows pregnancy and postpartum exercise is:

  • Important
  • Safe
  • Confidence Building

Curious about how you or your clients can exercise during pregnancy to prepare for birth, get strong, and heal quickly after having baby?

Our Pre & Postnatal Fitness Certification and Instructor Training Courses will guide you through every step of teaching moms how to move safely and confidently throughout pregnancy and birth.

Learn the facts about pregnancy weight gain and abdominal exercise after birth, along with the best exercises you can do with your baby!

Why Get Certified?

Over 3.5 million babies are born each year in the USA, that’s a lot of moms that need your help:

Learn why exercise is vital for moms, how once you are postpartum you are postpartum forever, and why that means all fitness, medical and birth professionals need this life saving information.

Become an expert in how exercise can help alleviate most common complaints and make stronger, healthier moms.

You will become a pregnancy and postpartum exercise expert:

Recommendations from leading medical groups have changed drastically in the last few years, and you’ll learn the cutting edge science for helping moms.

The training covers everything from pelvic floor strengthening and rehab to the exercises new moms should do in the days after birth, starting even in the hospital.

Once certified, you’ll receive a logo stating you’re a Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist and will be listed in our worldwide instructor directory.

Online Training Courses From The Experts in Pre & Postnatal Fitness

As the industry leaders in Pre & Postpartum Fitness, Oh Baby! Fitness online Instructor Training Courses were created by experts with experience spanning nearly 20 years and over 25,000+ clients.

Our courses are written in an easy-to-understand format, covering everything you need to know about Perinatal Fitness from Conception to 6 months Postpartum.

Oh Baby! Fitness has taught thousands of trainings at gyms, universities and hospitals. Sign up for one of our online training courses and learn from the best!

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Oh Baby! Fitness Co-Owners

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Pregnant Moms Trained

Popular Exercise Class Instructor Training Courses

Pregnancy Pilates

See a safe and effective Pilates abdominal training class and learn what exercises to avoid during pregnancy.

Mom & Baby Water Aerobics

Mom gets a challenging water workout while safely introducing their baby to the swimming pool.

Stroller Workout

Learn how to teach this outdoor class of challenging and fun cardio and strength training exercises for moms.

Pregnancy Yoga

Learn how to teach a Pregnancy Yoga class with the best yoga poses and postures for all stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Water Aerobics

Water workouts are the best and safest exercise for pregnant women. See how to teach this fun and challenging class.

Looking For Pregnancy or Postpartum Exercise Classes?

Download Our Exercise Apps In The App Store

Pregnancy Weekly Workout

Pregnancy Weekly


Learn a specific exercise for every week of pregnancy– from the first trimester through labor! Our combination of Pilates, yoga and strength training exercises will help you tone muscles needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Mom & Baby Weekly Workout

Mom & Baby
Weekly Workout


Learn fun exercises you can do with your baby– one for every week after birth –all the way through 6 months postpartum! Each week’s video targets specific areas & helps you strengthen your post-baby body safely & effectively.

How to Push Your Baby Out

How to Push
Your Baby Out


Learn the easiest way to push out your baby during birth! This app teaches you our special breathing technique for pushing; what muscles you’ll want to use (and which to relax), and how to practice for the most exciting part of labor.